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3/27/2014 AVX to showcase latest products at Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe, Berlin April 1 - 2
3/26/2014 AVX to Deliver Eight Technical Presentations & Chair a Session at the 2014 CARTS International Conference
3/25/2014 AVX Introduces New Ultra Broadband Capacitor Series to Address DC Blocking From ~16KHz to 40GHz
3/24/2014 AVX Wins Medical Design Briefs' First Annual Readers' Choice Product of the Year Award
3/21/2014 AVX Named Finalist of Prestigious 2014 EE Times & EDN ACE Award for Ultimate Product
3/19/2014 AVX Announces Market Availability of FLC Series AC Filtering Film Capacitors
3/18/2014 AVX Releases Three-Phase Medium Power Film Capacitors for Power Factor Correction & AC Filtering Applications
3/17/2014 AVX Launches Next-Gen Evolution of Its FFLC Series Film Capacitors for DC Filtering
3/14/2014 AVX to Announce Three New Products at Electronica China 2014
3/13/2014 Motorola Solutions and AVX Expand Solutions for Hope in Democratic Republic of the Congo
3/13/2014 AVX to Announce Three New Products at APEC 2014
3/11/2014 ATC Introduces the 550U Series Ultra-Broadband Capacitor (UBC)™
3/6/2014 ATC to Exhibit at OFC 2014
2/28/2014 AVX Recognized with an Agilent Technolgies Supplier Award
2/26/2014 AVX Receives Trendsetting UL Certifications for Uninsulated Single Contacts
2/21/2014 AVX Announces Latest Collaboration with Modelithics
2/20/2014 ATC Introduces 2014 Tech-Select Design Software
2/13/2014 AVX Now Offers Custom Cable Assemblies for its 9159 Series Two-Piece Wire-to-Board Connectors
2/11/2014 AVX to Exhibit at the Fourth Annual Electronics For You Expo in New Delhi February 20-22, 2014
2/6/2014 AVX to Deliver Four Technical Presentations at CMSE 2014
2/4/2014 AVX Announces New High Voltage Automotive MLCC Series
1/31/2014 AVX Expands the Capacitance Range for its X7R & NP0 (C0G) High Voltage Mutlilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
1/31/2014 AVX Adds New Capacitance Values to its High CV X5R MLCC Series for Mobile, Medical & Digital Electronics
1/29/2014 AVX Expands its Award-Winning 9296 Single Poke-Home WTB Contact Series with New 1.7mm Contact
1/27/2014 AVX Adds Three New High Voltage Ratings to its High Temperature, SXP-Style, Encapsulated, Radial Leaded SMPS Capacitor Series
1/23/2014 AVX Releases New SMD Power Inductor Series Featuring a Homogeneous, Low Loss, Press Iron Powder Core Construction
1/21/2014 AVX Extends SMPS Capacitor Offering for Military & Aerospace Applications with New MIL-PRF-49470 QPL Approval
1/15/2014 AVX Announces Membership at the National Science Foundation's Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility
1/13/2014 AVX 9296 Series Wire-to-Board Contacts Honored with an Electronic Products Product of the Year Award
1/10/2014 AVX Receives Space-Level MIL-PRF-49470 QPL Approval for C0G (NP0) SMPS Capacitors in Three New Case Sizes & Voltages
1/9/2014 ATC High RF Power Capacitor Assemblies Now Offered With Added Custom Lead Configurations
1/8/2014 AVX Offers the Lowest Profile 0603 & 0805 MLO™ Diplexers Available in the Global Market
12/20/2013 AVX Announces Market Introduction of the First Space-Level BME X7R MLCCs
12/20/2013 AVX Releases New Vertical Single Poke Home WTB Contacts for Harsh Industrial Applications
12/19/2013 AVX Adds New Capacitance Values & Voltage Ratings to its Range of C0G (NP0) MLCCs
12/17/2013 AVX Boosts MLOC Series Capacitance by 2X
12/12/2013 AVX Honored for Providing Superior Supplier Service
12/10/2013 AVX Releases New Polymer Tantalum Chip Capacitor Series with Undertab Terminations for High Energy Applications
12/6/2013 AVX to Present "Commercial vs. Hi-Rel Qualification Method Comparison" at MRQW 2013
12/3/2013 AVX Receives ECIA Recognition for its Support of the 2014 FIRST® Robotics Competition
11/27/2013 AVX's Low ESR Tantalum Chip Capacitor Series Receives Full European Space Agency QPL Qualification Approval
11/26/2013 New Tantalum Capacitors from AVX Exhibit Lowest Available SMD Tantalum DCL & Twice the Reliability of Basic Commerical Tantalum Capacitors
11/25/2013 ATC Introduces Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) Single Layer Capacitors
11/22/2013 AVX Introduces Integrated Thin Film, High Directivity Coupler Series for WiFi Bands
11/22/2013 ATC Introduces the 550Z Series Ultra-Broadband Capacitor (UBC) ™
11/15/2013 AVX's New Vertical Top Mount SMT Connector Fills Significant Gap in Industrial & Solid State Lighting Wire-to-Board Markets
11/14/2013 AVX Broadens its 9296 Poke Home Connector Series with the Introduction of a New Vertical Through Board WTB Connector
10/31/2013 AVX Expands Mini-TurboCap™ BME Capacitor Series with New 25V Rating & Extended Capacitance Range for 50V Parts
10/29/2013 AVX Introduces Two New High Frequency Ultra-Broadband SMT Inductor Series
10/29/2013 AVX Announces New Modelithics Models for its Low Profile 0402 MLO™ Inductor Series
10/28/2013 AVX Announces Strategic Alliance with Master Distributor Waldom Electronics
10/24/2013 ATC Introduces the 400S Precision Tolerance NPO RF Microwave SMT Capacitor
10/18/2013 AVX MLO™ Capacitors Exhibit the Lowest Dielectric Absorption of Any Dielectric Materials Technology at 0.0015%
10/16/2013 ATC Introduces the 400L Precision Tolerance NPO RF Microwave SMT Capacitor
10/10/2013 ATC Introduces the 400Z Precision Tolerance NPO RF Microwave SMT Capacitor
10/8/2013 AVX Adds Two New High-Temp/Harsh Environment MLCC Series to Its SpiCalci Spice Modeling Software
10/7/2013 ATC Announces New 506WLS Series Ultra-Broadband Surface Mount (SMT) Inductors
10/3/2013 AVX Exhibits Full Range of MLO™ Diplexers at European Microwave Week 2013
10/3/2013 ATC Introduces the 550S Series Ultra-Broadband Capacitor (UBC)™ with 50 WVDC Rating
9/30/2013 AVX Receives Above & Beyond Award from Delphi
9/30/2013 AVX Receives Pinnacle Award from Delphi
9/23/2013 AVX Completes Its Innovative 70-9296 Series with the Addition of Two New Wire-to-Board Closed Box Contacts
9/23/2013 ATC Introduces a New Thin Film 504L Series 0402 Surface Mount Ultra-Broadband Resistor
8/27/2013 AVX Announces Significant Expansions to its Portfolio of Tantalum Polymer Capacitors
8/26/2013 AVX Introduces the First Single-Piece, Low Pin Count, Top-Entry, Vertical Card Edge Connector for Harsh Industrial Applications
8/23/2013 ATC Introduces New RF Power Capacitor Assembly Transmitter Capacitor Equivalents
8/22/2013 ATC Offers Extended Voltage Ratings for 800C and 800E Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
8/22/2013 ATC Receives 2012 Boeing Gold Level Performance Excellence Award
8/21/2013 AVX Introduces Medical Grade Tantalum Capcitor Series for Implantable Medical Devices
1/30/2013 AVX Named 'Best in Class' by French Distributors
12/7/2012 AVX Introduces A New Ultra-Miniature Chip Capacitor Series For The RF and Microwave Communications Market

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