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SpiCALCI 9.0
SpiCap 3.0
Pspice Models
RF/Microwave S-Parameters, Models & Libraries SpiTan IV (Web Based Tantalum and Niobium Oxide Capacitors)
S-parameters s2p Library 1.2 (Tantalum & Niobium Oxide Capacitors)
Spi2MM (Hard Metric Connectors) Crystal and Resonator vs. IC Circuit Matching Search
Component Simulator - RF Capacitor; Couplers; Splitters; SMD Capacitors; LowInductance Capacitors Tantalum Capacitor 3D Models
Modelithics™ Models for AVX MLC Capacitors

 PSpice Models Tantalum & Niobium Oxide Capacitors for OrCAD & MicroSim CAD software

AVX has provided software SPICE models of popular tantalum and niobium oxidecapacitors.

A technical paper is available which outlines how to use these models and discusses some of the specific features which have been included in the SpiTan 3 updated package. The models are available as downloadable files for addition to the most popular CAD software libraries. There are two versions, one for OrCAD capture and the other for MicroSim and OrCAD PSpice software.

Symbols are provided for each part type manufactured by AVX. These symbols can be "dragged and dropped" in the schematic capture portion of the package. Once incorporated, circuit simulation can be done. A new feature of temperature compensation has also been built into the models, thereby enabling the effect of heating or cooling on the circuit to be observed.
    Spice models for MicroSim and OrCAD PSpice software.
    Spice models for OrCAD Capture software
    How to use the PSPICE Library

 RF/Microwave S-Parameters and Models

AVX offers s-parameters for all of the RF/Microwave products that are offered.  The s-parameter files are in standard Touchstone format and can be used with any RF software package that will allow the user to import them. They are extremely helpful when trying to model a circuit prior to prototyping and can save valuable time on the front end of your design cycle.

Download by Individual Series:
   3dB Complete (0603, 0805)
          3dB (0603)
          3dB (0805)
   Accu-P Complete (01005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1210)
          Accu-P Series 01005
          Accu-P Series 0201
          Accu-P Series 0402
          Accu-P Series 0603
          Accu-P Series 0805
          Accu-P Series 1210
   Accu-L Complete (0201, 0402, 0603, 0805)
          Accu-L Series (0201)
          Accu-L Series (0402)
          Accu-L Series (0603)
          Accu-L Series (0805)
   Coupler (0603, 0805)
   Coupler LGA (0402, 0603)
   Coupler LGA (0402 tight tolerance)
   LP (0402, 0603, 0805)
   SQ Complete (SQCB, SQCF, SQCS)
          SQCB Horizontal Orientation
   0402 Broadband Coupler
   HL02 Tight Tolerance MLO Inductors
   HLC02 High Current MLO Inductors
   HLQ02 High Q MLO Inductors
   Click HERE to download the full library above.

AVX also works with several of the most popular software vendors to ensure our products are up to date in their software, and are constantly working with new vendors to ensure that they have the most up-to-date AVX libraries.  These libraries are available below and can be added to your software.
    ▼ Microwave OfficeŽ
    ▼ Eagleware Libraries
    ▼ ADS Library (old version)
    ▼ ADS Library (new version)

 Spi2MM (Hard Metric Connectors)

Spi2MMHM is an online Engineering tool that allows advanced circuit simulation for AVX series 7200 male and female 2MM Hard Metric connectors
   ▼ Spice models for Spi2MMHM software.
   ▼ How to use Spi2MMHM library

 SpiCALCI 9.0

SpiCALCI is an engineering tool that calculates performance characteristics and parameters for Switch Mode Power Supply capacitors. For PC compatibles only.
New features and additions:
- ST10, RT10, and SMX 25V rated parts.
- Voltage Range: 25V to 5kV.
- Displays VHT (X7R) Dielectric on high temp parts.
- SV Series with N1500 dielectric.
- SXP Series 1500V, 2000V, and 3000V
- MIL-PRF-49470 T Level BP (COG /NPO) PS01 and PS02 style; case sizes 3,4,5; 100V,200V, and 500V.
- MIL-PRF-49470 T Level BX (X7R) 25V PS01 style case sizes 1-6.
- Part selection process is enhanced to make it easier to select a valid part.
- Option of viewing and saving the output information that is used to generate the different graphs.
- Software is now packaged for easy install on Windows 7 and 8 running 64 or 32 bit operating systems.
   ▼ Download SpiCALCI 9.0

 SpiCap 3.0

SpiCap is an online engineering tool that defines the frequency response and voltage coefficient for AVX ceramic chip capacitors.

Please note: Running the SpiCap application within the site is currently ' unavailable. Please download a local copy, or request the AVX Digital Catalog System CD-Rom, which contains this software.

Please note: Downloading or running the SpiCap application within the site is currently unavailable. Please check back at a later date for a new version.

 Component Simulator

Component Simulator works with RF Capacitor; Couplers; Splitters; Surface Mount Capacitors; Low Pass Filters and Low Inductance Capacitors
   ▼ Download Component Simulator

 SpiTan IV (Web Based Tantalum and Niobium Oxide Capacitors)

SpiTan defines the frequency response for AVX tantalum chip capacitors and wet tantalum axial capacitors. Main new features include e.g. maximal ESR curves vs. frequency and temperature, maximal leakage current curve vs. time and S-parameter s2p files generator.
   ▼ SpiTan IV

 S-Parameters s2p Library 1.2 (Tantalum & Niobium Oxide Capacitors)

Standard s2p format library for Tantalum and Nioium Oxide Capacitors is generated for all part numbers of latest Spitan v1.2 database. Download by Individual Series:
   Download S-parameter s2p Library 1.2

 Modelithics™ Models for AVX MLC Capacitors

Modelithics Global Models™ reliably track how each component's performance will change with substrate characteristics, as illustrated in the Global Model data sheet for the component. Global Models automatically scale all substrate-sensitive parasitics with nominal part value, enabling a single model to generate accurate simulations of a complete component family. The model information data sheets demonstrate the good measured to modeled agreement that can be expected from using this model on the appropriate pads and substrate settings.
   ▼ Modelithics™ Models for AVX MLC Capacitors

 Crystal and Resonator vs. IC Circuit Matching Search

   ▼ Crystal and Resonator vs. IC Circuit Matching Search

 3D Models Tantalum Capacitors

AVX has provided free CAD drawing of its tantalum capacitors. 3D Models support the design process and allow imagination of the PCB board component layout in 3D
environment. Six most common case sizes (A, B, C, D, E, Y) are available in STEP format (Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data).   ▼ Tantalum 3D Models ZIP


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